Do you want to put more features on your Windows PC? If your answer is yes, you can see here top 10 free and useful software that will make your PC very useful. I have listed here some useful software that can be downloaded on your Windows PC for free. Okay let's see the list of free software.

top 10 free software

1. Avast Free Antivirus -Avast is a great free antivirus software that makes your PC virus free. Avast is one of the popular free antivirus of the world. If you are looking powerful antivirus to protect your PC from virus for free, Avast could be the best option.

2. Avast Internet Security- Avast internet security protects your PC from different kinds of problems. Avast internet security is a complete solution to protect your internet connection from spyware , spam and firewall. You can browse websites and shop online without taking any kind of risk.

3. Photoscape - Photoscape is a great image editing software that is available for free. This free image editing software allows you to fix and enhance photos with fun. Photoscape has many great features that you can't find in any free full version image editing software. With Photoscape, you can create animated GIF images. You can read more features about Photoscape in their official website.

4. Picasa - Picasa is one of the most loved software that has many great features. Picasa is great free photo viewing software that has many easy to use features with some editing options. Picasa allows you to organize, edit, and share your photos directly to your interested social networks from your picasa album. Google has added some more features in updated version such as Google plus integration, more image editing options etc.

5. Skype - Skype is one of the most popular software that is used for online chatting, video calling, free internet calling, cheap phone calling. Skype made internet calling easy and free. More features can be found in official website of Skype.

6. CCleaner - CCleaner is a utility program developed by Piriform that cleans your computer and protect your PC from unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries. Very useful utility for PC users to remove unwanted files & invalid windows registry entries and make your PC faster.

7. Recover My Files -Recover My Files is a great software to recover your deleted files and folder. Many people think that they cannot recover files that they have deleted from recycle bin when you use any kind of data recovery software, you can easily recover your deleted old files easily. Although this software is paid but you can try this software for free by downloading its free trial version. If you are looking for full version data recovery software, you try alternatives to this software by searching on Google.

8. DAP - Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is a great software for them who have slow internet connection because it accelerates your downloading speed to download any kind of file quickly. Very useful software to download any kind of video quickly and easily. DAP is great free internet download manager that helps users to download files quickly and safely.

9. VLC Media Player- VLC Media Player is free media player that plays almost every kind of video format. VLC is a completely free software that plays everything such as Files, Webcams,Discs, Devices  Streams etc.

10. FormatFactory- Format factory is a completely free program that allows PC users to convert any kind of video and audio format in other formats. Great free software that is available for free.