Webcam software helps users chatting with friends and family members. If you are looking for webcam software for your Windows PC, you can get here useful links of free webcam software. In this   article , you can view 10 best webcam software for Windows OS which can be installed on your PC free of cost. Okay let's see the list of free webcam software.

Webcam Software

1. Logitech Webcam Software - Logitech Webcam Software is one of the most downloaded free webcam software on the internet that can be installed on your Windows PC to chat with friends, take pictures and record videos. This software  previously known was Quickcam Express.

2. Manycam - Manycam is a useful free webcam software that lets users add fun special effects for chatting and video recording. Manycam comes with many special effects and backgrounds. If you are looking for more free effects, you can visit the developer site of Manycam.

3. Photo Booth for Windows - Photo Booth for Windows is one of the most useful webcam software that can be used on your PC free of cost. With this software, users can share taken photos online easily. Photo Booth comes with many useful features such as - more than 12 special effects, social networking integration, no installation required, all types of webcam compatible etc.

4. Easy Webcam Recording - Easy webcam recording is a webcam app for Windows users. This software also allows website owners to upload images automatically to FTP. This useful webcam app comes with some useful option. You can download this webcam software on your Windows PC for free.

5. BcWebcam - BcWebcam is a simple free webcam software that also has ability to scan barcodes. If you want to turn your PC or laptop into barcodes scanner , Bcwebcam could the best option for you.

6. Mycam - Mycam is one of the best free webcam software that can be used on your Windows PC or Laptop for free. You can easily take snapshots and record videos with this app. This app doesn't required installation.

7. Skype for Windows 8 - Skype is one of the most popular video calling application that can be download on your computer free of cost. The latest version of the app comes with very easy user interface that lets users make video and audio calls to friends, text messages and instant messages free of cost. One of the best webcam software that can be called a fully featured free webcam software for internet users.

8. Tango - One of the best applications on the internet that lets users call to mobile devices from your PC or laptop. You can use this great application free of cost on your computer.

9. Webcamontop - Great webcam software that comes for free. You can use this app for video chatting, video recording and take snapshots. This app can also be used by business owners  who want to keep eyes on their office workers.

10. CyberLink YouCam - One of the best professional webcam software that comes with many useful features.Although this webcam software is a paid app but you can try this application by downloading trial version. CyberLink YouCam comes with many useful features such as special effects, background scenery effects , HD video recording etc.