Are you looking for free movies apps for your android device ? In this article, you can view 10 best movies apps for your android phone or tablet. These apps will help you to watch your favorite movies on your Android phones. Okay let's see the list of free movies apps.

Movies Apps For Android

1. IMDb Movies & TV - IMDb Movies & TV app is one of the most popular free movies apps for Android phones and tablets. This app lets you search over than 2 millions movies and TV titles. This app can help you to browse more than 4 million  celebrities,  actresses, actors, directors and other crew members. You can view easily free movie trailers , users and critics reviews for movies and TV shows by installing this movie app on your Android device.

2. Google Play Movies & TV - One of the best movies apps on Android app store by Google Inc. With Google Play Movies app, you can watch movie instantly on your android device. This app is available free of cost on Google Play Store. You can watch your purchased movies and TV shows anytime from your Android phone.

3. Netflix - Netflix is a leading movies and TV shows subscription service that can help you to watch movies at low cost. This is a free app by Netflix Inc. that lets you watch thousands of movies and TV shows from your Android device. If you are not a Netflix member, you can sign up for Netflix to enjoy this service from your phone.

4. Flixster - Flixster is one of the most downloaded movies app on Google Play Store that lets you to watch movie trailers, movie reviews & showtimes. You can also purchase tickets for your favorite movies. Flixster android app comes with lots of features and you can download this useful app free of cost on your Android device.

5. Crackle - Crackle is a great free app that lets you watch full length movies free of cost on your Android device. You don't need to buy movies because this app allows users to watch movies and TV shows free of cost. Crackle is currently available for only few countries which are- US, Canada , UK and Australia.

6. MovieFone - MovieFone is a useful app that lets you watch free movie trailers, movie reviews , movie clips, showtimes and movie news. You buy movie tickets of your favorite movies. MovieFone also allows users to browse celebrity bios, photos and flimographies .

7. Hindi Movies HD ( For Indians ) - If you are an Indian, you would love using this free movie app. Hindi Movies HD lets you watch Bollywood Hindi movies free of cost on your Android device. You can watch full length Hindi Bollywood movies by searching artist name or movie title. This app requires 3G or high speed Wi-Fi internet connection.

8. Watch Hindi Movies Free ( For Indians ) - Another great movie app for Indian. This app lets you watch latest Bollywood Hindi movies free of cost from your Android device. The app has large collection of old and new Bollywood movies and can be watched on low bandwidth internet connection.

9. Comedy Club - Comedy Club is one of the most popular apps to watch comedy video clips. You can browse here best comedy video clips from Russian and Ukrainian Comedy stars.

10. Online TV - Online TV is not a movie app but can help you to watch movies online because with this free app, you can watch live TV on your Android device. You can watch more than 100 TV channels free of cost. You can select any popular movie channel to watch movies from your Android phones.