People Search Engines allow users to find people online easily. If you are looking for someone, just type the name of your interested person or location and people search engine will show you a list of people from millions of websites. In this article, I have listed some top people search engines that can be used to find people online. Some of these websites are only people search engines and some are social networks which can be used to browse people profiles. Check out these Top 10 People Search Engines .

People Search Engines

1. Pipl - Pipl is one of the best people search engines that lets you browse people online free of cost. You can find people online by typing name, email , phone , social username or location. This site will show you a list of profiles of your typed name from the thousands of sites.

2. PeekYou - PeekYou is a free people search engine that can help you to find your friend online. This site helps users to browse people online from the social sites and other websites. PeekYou shows you search result with images of your interested people so that you can recognize anyone easily. You can refine your search by location, social sites, phone or email address .

3. Facebook - Facebook is the largest social network on the internet which has millions of active users. You can browse people online easily using Facebook search box. Facebook can be used as a powerful people search engine to find your friends online.

4. Linkedin - Linkedin is one of the most visited professional networking websites on the web that has millions of active users. You can also browse people by using Linkedin search tool.

5. Google Plus - Google Plus is one of the fastest growing social networks that has more than 500 millions active users. You can find people by using Google Plus search tool. Great place to find people online.

6. Whitepages - Whitepages is a popular people search engine that lets you to find people and business online. You can find people, business , phone using this powerful search engine.

7. 123People - Powerful people search engine that also allows users to monitor social networks profiles. You can use this powerful search engine to find people, receive social reports, gather information about interested persons, monitor Facebook posts and profiles within your network and protect your online reputation.

8. Facesaerch ( Face Search ) - One of the best site to find people by face. You just need to type the name and it will show you faces of your typed name. You can visit the profile of your interested person by clicking on the image.

9. Wink - Wink is one of the largest people search engines on the internet that allows internet users to find people by names and locations. You can gather useful information about people using this powerful search engine.

10. Yoname - Simple and powerful people search engine that lets you find people across all popular social networks, social bookmarking sites, blogs and online communities.