In this article, I've listed  top and best photo editing apps for iPhone & iPad. If you love editing your photos to add special effects or improve photo quality , these apps could be very useful for your iPhone or iPad. Most of these apps come with professional photo editing options which can help you to give  your photos professional touch easily. Check a list of the best photo editors for iPhone/iPad.

1. Adobe Photoshop Touch ( iPhone ) - Adobe Photo Touch is one of the best photo editing apps on the app store for professional users. Very useful photo editing app that comes with tons of features which lets you edit and improve your photographs easily from your iPhone. This app brings almost all of useful features of Adobe Photoshop Desktop version.

With Adobe Photoshop Touch, you can easily enhance your photo quality, add desired effects , filters & layers to your images , give professional touch and edit photos using different types of photo editing tools.

This app is designed only for iPhone users, if you are looking for iPad version of this app, visit this link- Adobe Photoshop Touch ( iPad ) .

2. iPhoto ( iPhone & iPad ) - Great photo editing app by Apple that comes with many features. If you are looking for professional photo editing app, you can try this app. Beautifully designed photo editor for iPhone and iPad users that allows you to edit, enhance, browse, share and manage your photos easily from your device.

iPhoto helps you browse hundreds of photos quickly on your device, edit your photos with different types of editing tools, photo effects, filters and brushes, apply professional photo effects to your photographs and share your photos with your friends.

3. PicShop HD - Photo Editor ( iPhone & iPad ) - Easy, clean and featured rich photo editor for iPhone and iPad that is integrated with tons of editing features. Beautifully designed photo editing app that helps you edit, improve and share your photos easily from your device. Very useful app that has many features such as - full photo editing suite, different types of photo filters, effects, layers & frames , sketching brushes & fun stickers , color adjustment and social sharing option.

4. FX Photo Studio HD ( iPad ) - One of the best photo editing apps for iPad that comes with a big collection of professional photo effects & filters , including powerful photo editing tools. Great app for iPad users that can be used to create and edit awesome photographs like professionals. FX photo studio HD is integrated with 194 high quality photo effects, easy photo editing tools and one click image sharing feature to share photos with your friends.

5. Photogene for iPad ( iPad ) - Photogene is one of the most powerful photo editing apps on the app store for iPad users that allows you to browse, improve, edit and export multiple photos easily from your iPad. Great photo editing app that has tons of features such as powerful photo editing tools , beautiful photo collage maker, tons of photo effects & filters , professional special effects and bulk uploading or exporting feature to social networks and cloud services. Great photography app for iPad users.

6. ArtStudio for iPad ( iPad ) - ArtStudio is one of the best apps for creative users to draw and edit photos on iPad. Very powerful and easy photography app that helps you draw, paint and edit photos like professionals. Useful app that comes with flexible canvas size, powerful photo editing tool, painting tool with different types of 450 high quality brushes and much more. Very useful app for creative iPad users.

7. Lab ( iPhone & iPad ) - Fully functional free photo editing app for iPhone and iPad users that is integrated with almost all of necessary photo editing features with different types of photo effects, filters and fun effects.

If you love creating fun photos, this app could be the best option for you because it comes with 500 amazing photo effects , including fun effects, stylish & professional image effects, beautiful photo frames, collage maker and fun face montages. Fully featured photo editing app that has tons of awesome features which can be used free of charge on your iPhone or iPad.

8. Befunky ( iPhone ) - Befunky is one of the most popular photo editors for iPhone that comes with tons of editing tools, including professional photo effects, filters, text effects, beautifully designed photo frames and social sharing option. You can install this useful photo editor on your iPhone free of cost.

9. PhotoToaster Jr. ( iPhone & iPad ) - Powerful photo editing app that can be downloaded on your device free of cost. Very useful photo editor that is integrated with many useful editing options such as one click photo effects, photo editing tools and professional level lighting , color and border adjustment feature.

10. Photo Editor by Aviary ( iPhone & iPad )  - Professional and easy photo editing app for iPhone and iPad users that is available free of cost on the App store. The app comes with powerful photo editing tools, one tap auto enhance feature, many fun stickers to create funny pictures, beautiful photo effects, filters and drawing tool. One of the best free photo editors on the app store that lets you edit photos quickly on your iPhone/iPad.