In this article, I'm going to talk about top & best quote websites to find all types of quotes. Millions of internet users love sharing useful quotes on their favorite social networking sites, if you are one of them,  this article could be very useful for you. Here I've listed popular and useful free quote websites that offer free quotes to internet users. You can share quotes on your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or other social account. Okay check out these useful quote websites .

1. Brainyquote - Brainyquote is one of the best quote websites on the web where you can find thousands of quotes in every category. One of the most popular quote directories on the web that offers free quotes with social sharing options. The site also offers picture quotes which could be very useful for your social accounts. You can find here all types of quotes such as funny quotes, love quotes, friendship quotes, motivational quotes and many more.

2. Great-Quotes - Great Quotes is really a great quote website where you can find all types of quotes, poems, jokes, picture quotes , movie quotes and quote authors. One of the best places on the web to find thousands of quotes and submit your own quotes on the web publicly. Best quote website for internet users and quote authors.

3. Searchquotes - One of the best quote search engines that allows you to find all types of quotes and sayings easily. Very useful quote sharing website that allows users to share and find useful quotes. You can find here quotes, saying and picture quotes in all topics such as funny quotes, picture friendship quotes, love quotes , popular art and educational quotes etc. Very useful quote sharing website.

4. Quoto - Quoto is one of the best quote directories where you can find more than 150000 quotes. Great site to find popular sayings, funny , love, friendship, motivational and other types of quotes. Quoto is the perfect place to find popular quotes of famous persons.

5. Quotelicious - Quotelicious is a useful quote directory where you can find a good collection of popular sayings and quotes. It offers huge collection of quotes in almost categories such as life, entertainment, funny, love , friendship etc. You can copy your interested quotes to share them on your favorite social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or others.

6. Quotesdaddy - Quotesdaddy is one of the largest quote sharing websites on the internet that contains more than a million quotes in almost all topics. The site also allows users to share their quotes on the web to get popularity. Great site for sharing and searching useful quotes.

7. The Quote Garden - The Quote Garden is one of the oldest quote directories on the web that was started in 1998. Great site where thousands of internet users visit everyday to find their interested quotes. The site offers thousands of quotes on every topic. Great site to find funny, friendship, love, life and health quotes.

8. Thinkexist - One of the biggest quote directories that contains over than 300000 quotes by 20000 authors.

9. Quotationspage - One of the most popular sites for quotes and sayings. The site helps you find all types of quotes by authors or topics.

10. Movemequotes - Movemequotes is not a quote directory but contains great collection of motivational & Inspirational quotes and sayings. If you want to share great thoughts with your friends on your favorite social sites, you must visit the site to find motivational and inspirational quotes.